Profitable Trading Course at Unique Health & Wealth consultants Pvt. Ltd.

 Aim of the course:-

After the course, you should be able to invest and trade in Equities, with a good knowledge on how the markets move, what are the Risks, How to manage these Risks, and in the end how to turn out to be profitable in investing/ trading in Equities.

Topics that would be covered are:-

  1. Practical aspects of Technical Analysis
  2. Basics of Fundamental analysis
  3. Basics of sentimental analysis
  4. Derivatives, Futures and Options, and using these instruments as Risk management instruments
  5. Money management and trade adjustments, when markets move against your perception.
  6. Control of Emotions like Fear and Greed and writing of journal for each trade
  7. After Qualifying course, one year guidance, on E-Mail/ phone and mentoring for one year.

Course Duration: – 16 hrs.  In a Week 6 hrs classes

Cost of Course: –   Rs30000/-(Rupees Thirty thousands only.)

Technical Analysis

  1. DOW’s Theory
  2. Moving Averages
  3. Chart Patterns
  4. Stochastic
  5. RSI
  6. ADX
  7. MACD
  8. Bollinger Bands
  9. William % R
  10. Demand & Supply
  11. Candle stick Patterns

Fundamental Analysis

How to read:-

  1. Balance Sheet
  2. Profit Loss Statement
  3. Cash flow statement

How to Analyze

  1. Profitability
  2. Efficiency
  3. Capital, Liquidity and Valuation

Important Ratios to look for

SIX STEP Trading System

  1. Find Direction of the market, and have a view on markets
  2. Analyze various possible strategies
  3. Choose the strategy to be implemented with reasons
  4. Plan the trade, Entry point, Exit when market in your direction and Exit when market moving against you.
  5. Take the trade
  6. Manage the trade and adjust the trade – have to move to step one, while adjusting the trade.


  1. What are Derivatives
  2. Concepts of Futures, Calls and Puts
  3. Various Terms used in Derivative Markets
  4. Option Pay outs
  5. Futures and stock pay out
  6. Pricing of options
  7. Option Greeks
  8. Synthetic Options
  9. Option strategies

Trading System

Trading Plan

Trading Journal

Money management

Emotions Control

Common Mistakes and Problems